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Great little music shop serving Akron, Ohio and the surrounding area since 1964. Family owned and operated by a father and son with over
100 years combined experience in playing, building, repairing, buying and selling instruments.  Low prices, super service, great selection.
Unique, not your typical music store. Buy, Sell, Trade, Consign, Lessons, Repairs - New and Used - Guitars, Amps, Drums, PA, Accessories.


Give your instrument a total once over for less than $50!
new strings - adjust neck - level frets - smooth fret edges - set intonation
adjust bridge and nut height as needed

Did you know:
  • most "straight from the box" guitars DON'T come set-up
  • setting up a guitar is CRITICALLY important to it's playability
  • bad playing guitars are a HUGE reason students give up on learning
  • guitars need set-up (like cars need tune-ups) periodically

        The best way to promote our line-ups is to first, get to know the man who does them. Lee East, also the owner and founder of Staff Music, started in the early '60s with friend, Virgil Lay. They not only repaired guitars but also built and sold thier own Staff brand guitars. So, you could say "Lee knows guitars inside and out ...literally!" Through several years of building and playing guitars (Lee was a working musician for most of his adult life until retiring from performing in the mid '80s) he gradually got involved more and more with the retail end of the music business. He's owned and operated his own music store since 1964.
        This combination of knowledge and real-life experience in playing guitars, building guitars, repairing guitars and the retail music industry ensures that your instrument will be in very capable hands. 
        For years, people have come from across Ohio and beyond to get a Staff line-up. You'll be amazed at just how great a guitar can play once it receives one of our "Tender Lovin' Line-ups"!

Drums - Guitar - Bass

$17.00 per 1/2 hour lesson - qualified instructor - 30+ years experience teaching - 45+ years experience performing - reasonable rates - private instruction - lessons customized for each student
learn theory and playing by ear - beginner, intermediate and advanced

        We are now offering off site repairs on amps and PA gear. Solid state or tube. Free estimates. Repairs are picked up weekly and estimates are usually given within 2-3 days of the tech receiving the repair. We are basically a "middle man" and offer this mainly as a referral and added convenience for our customers since finding a good repair service has become increasingly difficult. Due to the repairs being done off site, the turnaround time isn't the fastest. Usually 2 to 4 weeks from the time the repair is dropped off until it's ready to be picked up. However, the prices are VERY affordable and the work is guaranteed. The tech we sub out to has over 40 years experience in the electronics field. We've been using him since Jan. 2016 and have been extremely satisfied.

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 Staff Music
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Open 11am to 6pm EST
Closed Sunday
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